Supercharge your soil.

Superior nitrogen management.

Bolt provides a new way to manage nitrogen using electrical stabilization.

As part of the nitrification process, soil bacteria naturally oxidize ammonium ions from fertilizer to form nitrates very quickly. Nitrates can be more easily taken up by plants but they are also readily leached from the soil.

Electrical Nitrogen Stabilization inhibits the nitrification process with an electrical pulse. The nitrogen conversion process is slowed. As a result, more of the nitrogen will remain in the soil profile. This fertilizer will be available for the crop to use later in the season. This practice can help farmers extend the life of their fertilizer, ensuring that their crops retain more of their yield potential. Waste is reduced and the environmental risk is improved.


The BOLT has also demonstrated to increase corn yields by 6 bushels/acre. Ongoing field trials are being administered in additional crops, but early indications show similar or superior performance.


The average grower can expect to recover their investment in less than 2.5 years on chemical savings alone. And, once the capital costs of the BOLT are recovered, 100% of the profits from the increased yield (or on-going savings) make it to your pocket.


With no caustic sterilization chemicals needed, the BOLT is easier on equipment and safe for the environment. There are no fumes to deal with or dangerous chemicals to dispose of at the end of the season.

For two years running the BOLT has out-yielded the leading chemical inhibitors by an average of 6 bushels per acre, and out-yielded an untreated control by 15 bushels per acre.

Bar chart

Average Corn Yield Results Southern IL Comparison Plot, plant date 4/21/18, Dekalb 64-85 @ 32,000 population. Nitrogen Program: 20 # pre-plant broad- cast, 4# in furrow with starter, side dress 140# at V4 on 5/19/18. Inhibitors applied only during side-dress applications. Side-Dressed UAN solution. Harvested Plot on 9/15/18. 3 replications on each inhibitor, 6 replicates of control check, 6 replicates of bolt.

Supercharge your soil.

Let us know if you'd like to learn more about the BOLT. We have the only commercially available electrical nitrogen stabilization solution. If you're tired of chemicals or exhausted from more complex nitrogen management processes, try BOLT and see what supercharging your soil can do.

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