Introducing Bolt

Supercharge your soil.

Superior nitrogen management

Bolt provides a new way to manage Nitrogen using electrical stabilization.

As part of the nitrification process, bacteria normally present in soils oxidize ammonium ions from fertilizer to form nitrates, which can be taken up by plants, but are also readily leached from soil.

Electrical Nitrogen Stabilization inhibits the nitrification process, so that nitrogen is not converted into a form that can be easily lost from the soil, therefore more of the nitrogen that is applied will be available for the crop to use. This type of practice can help farmers extend the life of their fertilizer, ensuring that their crops will achieve higher yields without wasting of over-applying fertilizers.


Increase yields

The BOLT has been proven to increase yields by 6 bushels/acre in corn with the same seed cost and environmental conditions. Ongoing field trials are being administered in additional crops, but early indications show similar or superior performance.


Return on investment

The average grower can expect a return on their investment in a single season or two, and since the BOLT is a hardware appliance with no consumable parts or ongoing costly chemicals to buy, once the capital cost is covered 100% of the profits from the increased yield make it to your pocket.



With no caustic sterilization chemicals needed, the BOLT is non-toxic and safe for the environment and can be used in areas near livestock or water sources. There are no fumes to deal with or dangerous chemical disposals at the end of the season.

Supercharge your soil.

If you would like to improve nitrogen management on your farm, try the Bolt and see what supercharging your soil can do for you.

Send us an email at with some details about your farm. We’d love to talk with you about a nitrogen plan supercharged with the Bolt.